Former Coronation Street star, Liz Dawn, has said she wishes she had departed from the show earlier than she did.

Speaking at the waxwork unveiling for her character at Madame Tussauds, the 74-year-old actress revealed that her health problems had made the latter days of her 30-odd years on the show difficult. 

Dawn was diagnosed with the lung disease emphysema in 2004 yet continued playing Vera Duckworth until early 2008.

Dawn said: "I wish I had left before. It was a bit of a struggle. Some days I would have to sit in the car for about ten minutes before I had the energy to even start the engine.

She added: "I used to have more and more notes on that table in the Duckworth's living room. The cameramen used to tell me to move my notes off the sauce bottle or from under the sugar basin.

Despite retiring from the show in 2008, Dawn revealed that fans still recognise her.

She said: "I've been left eight years [sic] now and I've been going on a lot of cruises. Everywhere I go people make a fuss. They say, 'Oh Vera , we do miss you'. And I think, 'Good God, I've been dead eight years!'"