Jon Hamm has opened up about the final season of Mad Men, saying that it will be "emotional but cathartic".

The actor also admitted that it will be difficult to say goodbye to his character Don Draper, who he has played since the AMC show debuted in 2007.

The seventh and last season of Mad Men will debut on April 13, and will consist of 14 episodes that will be split into seven-episode parts, due to air in 2014 and 2015.

Hamm told PA on the red carpet at Paleyfest: "It will be hard to say goodbye but it is important to say goodbye. Things come to an end, good things especially, and people move on and you have to say goodbye.

"Whether it is sending your kid off to college or going to college yourself, moving on is part of life and I think it will be emotional but also cathartic."

The 43-year-old actor added that he feels he understands Don "fairly well" in the lead in to these final episodes.

He explained: "I have been playing him almost a decade of my life and I have gone through a lot with our guy and we all feel the same way about our characters, we all get it and so do the writers and there is two way trust that goes through that and that is a rewarding part of the creative process."

Mad Men returns on April 13 on AMC in the US and on April 16 on Sky Atlantic.