Graham Norton has spoken about wanting to become a dad.

The chat show host revealed that although he would have liked to have a family, he feels it's too late now.

He told The Mirror:  "I did consider becoming a dad at one time, but I think I've left it a bit late. I'm a bit long in the tooth now. My dogs are my kids."

Norton, who split from his long-term partner Trevor Patterson in June 2013, also spoke about his upcoming biography The Loves and Lives of a He-devil.

He revealed: "It is going to be about things I really like. So there will be chapters on booze, my dogs, New York, divas and TV."

"Divas are a good thing. There are people you want to be divas. If Madonna wasn't a diva you'd be disappointed.

"Most people are nice once you meet them. And once you have an audience of 600 people they have to play nice."