Having given a masterclass in pie-making in his new romantic drama Labor Day, Josh Brolin has played down his culinary talents to RTÉ TEN.

Asked by TEN how long it took him to get the peach pie in the movie right, Brolin joked: "Well, I was hoping... because if the acting didn't work out I wanted a back-up, y'know?!"

He continued: "So the pie-making wasn't in the script in the beginning, but I thought my acting was so bad that I started cooking a lot at home, because I knew I was going to be fired at any moment!

"I started making pies, and they said, 'Why don't we put this in the movie?' Hence the pie scene. [Laughs]."

As TEN discovered, Brolin's history in the kitchen goes back a long way.

"I worked in a restaurant for three-and-a-half years, and I did want to be a cook," he revealed. "I enjoy it very much. It's like acting, it's like photography: there's no way you could possibly master it.

"There's dishes I've come up with raising my kids that literally they had to hold their nose and eat... And then there's other dishes I've come up with that are amazing that they still talk about."

Asked if his cooking could lead to a philanthropic sideline like the late Paul Newman's Newman's Own, Brolin replied: "Maybe, maybe. The Worst and Best Food You've Ever Had by Josh Brolin. 'The only one-star, five-star restaurant you've ever been in!'"

When TEN told Brolin he was a shoo-in for an Oscar if they ever established a Cooking category, he joked: "That doesn't say much for the other stuff! But ok, thanks!"

Labor Day is released in cinemas this Friday, March 21.