Lily Allen says that contrary to what people might think she only made "around £8,000" for her Christmas ad for British shopping chain John Lewis.

Allen covered Keane's song Somewhere Only We Know for the campaign with a video featuring bunnies and bears.

However, when asked in the latest issue of music magazine BEAT, how much someone could expect to make in the music industry in 2014, she replied: “Nothing. Everyone assumes I made millions from the John Lewis ad - I probably made £8k.

"Now I’m not earning much from the music. I won’t do as much promo for the record company. It’s changed in that sense. I have to look at other ways.”

Allen, who is set to release her "comeback" album Sheezus in May, added: “Back then [before her "retirement"] it was about doing as much press as possible, but now one quote will spread everywhere.

"So you don’t want to do as much, because you saturate the media very quickly. Jonathan Ross, X Factor, so many opinions, it’s too much. You want to hold it back.”