Check out Better Man, the new single from Paolo Nutini which is being hailed as one of the highlights from his forthcoming album, Caustic Love.

April 11 is D-day for Paolo as he releases his first album in five years. And if early reviews are anything to go by, he's been taking the time to write some sparkling new material.

He releases Better Man tomorrow but RTÉ Ten is giving you an exclusive first look at the video.

Speaking recently, 27-year-old Paolo revealed that, like everyone else, he has had his fair share of ups and down.

"There’s been things that have happened over the last couple of years that have been alien to my blissfully ignorant younger self, situations within my family that you just never thought you were going to deal with, conversations you never thought you were going to have, hurdles that you never saw coming that weren’t part of your plan when you were 18 and working out how you were going to navigate yourself to 30 if you could."

Paolo also revealed that he is pleased with the hard work, time and effort he has put into the new album. “The best thing, still, is having an idea, and eventually hearing that idea back through a pair of speakers," he told The Sunday Times. "When that works, it leads to such fulfilment and joy.”

Paolo is set to play two sold out gigs at the Olympia this week on Thursday (March 22) and Saturday (March 24).

Caustic Love is available to download and buy from April 11, you can pre-order your copy here