Les Dennis will make his Coronation Street debut as burglar Michael Rodwell in next Monday's episode, March 24.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Rodwell (the character was initially named Rogers) is surprised in Gail's (Helen Worth) home and claims he is a gas inspector.

He pushes past Gail and speeds off in a van, with Gail discovering that her favourite necklace has been stolen.

Longtime Coronation Street fan Dennis said of the plot: "I know the storyline is about restorative justice in that Michael Rodwell is not a career burglar."

Dennis continued: "He's a guy who thinks that the house is empty, that nobody will get hurt, they are insured so they will get the money back. He thinks no one is getting harmed.

"But it goes wrong because Gail and Kylie (Paula Lane) come back to the house and find him there."

Dennis added: "He runs away, but will be caught and Gail will be given the chance, through restorative justice, to come face to face with him and let him know how the burglary did indeed hurt her.

"But from that an unlikely friendship will eventually form, which is not going to please her family. So whether he becomes comedic, I don't know."