Angelina Jolie has said that her ability to multi-task as a mother has transferred to her directing and she feels a 'strange nurturing quality for everybody'.

The 38-year-old star has six children and ahead of the release of her directorial debut Unbroken, she told Hello! magazine about how her parenting skills have transferred to her career.

Jolie explained, "People are always asking you for something, so the multi-tasking of motherhood transfers very well into being a director. I get nervous through. I see my actors getting dressed up for a premiere and think, 'Did she get the right earrings?' and 'Did he eat anything before he went to the interview?' I feel this strange nurturing, mothering quality for everybody."

Unbroken tells the true story of Zamperini, an American Olympian, who was taken prisoner by the Japanese army during the Second World War. It is slated for release in December 2014.