Spring Breakers star James Franco has opened up about his Broadway debut in of Mice and Men, saying that there is "something really refreshing" about the experience.

The 35-year-old actor, who stars opposite Chris O'Dowd, Leighton Meester and Jim Parrack in the stage production, also told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that he finds rehearsing tiring.

Franco said: "I feel kind of out of it right now, I just came from rehearsal. I've been shooting a short film at nights, rehearsing during the day, and now I'm here."

Franco, who plays George, continued: "There's something really refreshing about that [theatre] where you feel a deeper connection to the character. I've heard other actors say it too – you realise how deep you can go into a character."

He added: "In movies, we hardly rehearse. It's like, you're ready to go when you're there; you only ostensibly have to get [it] right only once, and then you move on. Here, you're etching it, and there's something kind of Zen about that."

Of Mice and Men officially opens at the Longacre Theatre in New York on April 16.