Lindsay Lohan has filmed her guest appearance on 2 Broke Girls and it looks like she'll be playing a bride-to-be.

Kat Dennings, who stars in 2 Broke Girls, posted picture on Instagram in which she poses alongside Lindsay Lohan. 

The actresses, who are both 27, are wearing wedding dresses and Dennings captioned the picture: "S**t gets real in upcoming episodes of 2 Broke Girls."

Lohan was cast as an indecisive bride-to-be who hires Dennings's character Max and Caroline (Beth Behrs) to make her a wedding cake.

Lohan announced the good news to her fans on Twitter, saying: "#2BROKEGIRLS & A "MEAN" ONE: Its true!!  Excited to be back on set and work w/ @officialkat and @bethbehrs."