Guitarist James Williamson is working on a compilation of 40-year-old Stooges outtakes without the band's frontman but he has Iggy's blessing for the project.

Re-Licked will feature songs from the Raw Power era which the band has re-recorded with vocalists including Mark Lanegan and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys.

“[Iggy] gave me his blessing and wished me success,” Williamson told Rolling Stone. “But it’s a hard pill to swallow when someone is doing all your songs with your band and you’re not on it. I think he’s cool with it so far. We’ll see how things progress.”

“This statement about the ‘hard pill’ sounds kind of passive-aggressive to me,” Pop replied in a statement. “[But] I don’t have a problem with anything, I don’t oppose anything . . . These guys are my friends and . . . I am glad someone is paying them; they are working musicians and they need to play.”

Williamson rejoined The Stooges for the first time since 1973's Raw Power last year and they released a new album Ready To Die.