Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner has spoken about his Brit Award acceptance speech saying he hoped it would inspire people to pick up a guitar and play some rock 'n' roll.

The musician insisted that his much talked about acceptance speech at the ceremony, during which he said that rock music will never die, were meant to entertain and he hoped that by saying it, it would educate some viewers who may never have heard the term 'rock 'n' roll' and encourage people to pick up a guitar.

Speaking to NME Turner explained, "It's not aggressive. It was just about presenting an option that people may or may not know exists. It occurred to me that in that room, or certainly watching it on TV, were people who'd never heard the term rock 'n' roll other than to describe a zip on a Topman leather jacket.

"I don't see it as a personal victory but it seems in some way a victory for bands and the idea you can start a band with your mates and eventually go on to move people or whatever you want to call it. I feel it's better to present it that way, with a bit of colour, rather than like, 'You know, we started in my garage...' F*** that. And I can't go up there and behave like a yob, those days are gone. I can't just go up there and blow a raspberry anymore."