Price Tag singer Jessie J has called for more "constructive vocal criticism" from the coaches on The Voice UK.

The 25-year-old singer, who was a coach on the first two series of the popular BBC show, questioned the comments made by the mentors during the battles at the weekend.

Taking to her Twitter account, Jessie wrote: "Watching The Voice UK (Series 3) for the first time... Update me! Who do you think are the most interesting singers so far?

After watching Sir Tom Jones's acts Celestine and Mairead Conlon perform her track It's My Party, Jessie described the performance as "vocally messy".

She added: "Where is the constructive vocal criticism?! It was TOO MUCH! Vocally messy and too many runs and licks! Singers don't and won't improve if you continually say 'amazing' when it's not... Can't get better in a 'Yes bubble'."

When fans decided to point out some of Jessie's bad singing habits, she said: "Every singer has to take criticism! Myself as an artist included! And I know if I performed It's my party like Team Tom did on the battles that my team wouldn't say it was great. And I wouldn't want them to.

"The TRUTH is the only thing we can build from! And make it better! So be reaaaaaaal!", Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and Kylie Minogue all serve as coaches on The Voice UK.