Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has admitted to changing his walk for the role after a dance instructor told him he looked ‘awkward’.

The 31-year-old Northen Irish actor told Graham Norton, “So basically, I’ve always had a complex with the way I walk. I’ve not always been told I’ve got a bad walk, but someone’s always commented on my walk. It’s always been a bit like, ‘Alright, that’s how you walk?’”

The Fall star said that the revelation about his walk came while rehearsing his dance moves with Fifty Shades co-star Dakota Johnson, “It was like a foxtrot, it was very classic. I was really struggling with it, and the dance teacher said, ‘You know what you need to do. Just think about it as walking’, and I was like ‘Ok’. And I’m 31-years-old, literally the first thing you learn in life is to walk. And I was like, ‘That’s funny, I’m not great at walking’.”