Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has said she intends to put people at ease while she hosts the Oscars tomorrow night, and won’t be making any mean jokes.

The 56-year-old star told Good Morning America, “My intentions are to make people happy. My intentions are to never hurt anybody, and my intentions are to have compassion and to hope I can spread that a little bit every single day.”

DeGeneres has been writing her script for months but feels she will still be making changes until the last minute, “I had things written months ago that I thought for sure I liked and was going to keep. And I’ve gotten rid of them. And I have new things, and then I’m sure I’ll get rid of those to. And I’m sure I’ll be writing up until that morning.”

Last year’s host Seth McFarlane offended many stars during his song and dance numbers with many feeling his jokes were out of place and inappropriate.

Ricky Gervais was another controversial host but DeGeneres plans to put people at ease, "It’s just never been my humour to ever get a laugh at someone else’s expense.

"So there’s never going to be a mean joke or anybody’s going to get hurt... But it’s important for me to relax everybody because there’s so much anxiety in the room.

"I should be good enough that people talk the next day and go, ‘She was great’. But I shouldn't stand out enough that it overshadows anything.

"It’s a very delicate balance of being a good host. You know, there’s no other reason to do it unless I'm going to do better than the last time and better than you see me on my show."

The Academy Awards take place tomorrow, March 2 in Hollywood.