Damon Albarn has spoken about his debut solo album after 25 years in the music business saying he never expected to do one.

The Blur frontman was speaking to Rolling Stone about the upcoming release of his debut solo album, Everyday Robots.

He said:  "I just never imagined it was something I'd do. Who doesn't love playing in a band? It's ***king brilliant. The best. Maybe I was just subconsciously avoiding a solo album."

He collaborated with Richard Russell on the LP, after the XL Recordings owner said that he really wanted to work with him on a solo outing.

Albarn added: "In an ironic way, it's sort of the most collaborative record I've ever done when it comes to songwriting.

"Some of the songs just came from the two of us experimenting in the studio."

Albarn will release Everyday Robots on April 28, but said that it doesn't mean that he is now a solo artist.

"I've always made music. This one just has my name on it. You could say that I'm embarking on a new stage in my life, but really I could turn around next time and do something else. 

"So it's not a given that I've become a solo artist."

Watch the video for Everyday Robots below:

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