Billy Bob Thornton believes social media has turned people into "blithering idiots".

The 58-year-old Bad Santa star thinks people should have the right to express their opinions but doesn't think social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the best place to do it and says he won't be joining in any time soon.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, Thornton said, "Twitter and Facebook, and all these things, are making people into blithering idiots.

"I don't use any of that mess. In the '60s we would say 'power to the people' but that's not what we meant. We didn't mean every moron on Earth tweeting into CNN to say what you think."

He added, "I think it's a very apathetic period. I think because of the internet, video games, stuff like that... now it's not popular to stand up on a soap box and preach to people about what you believe. Now they think you're crazy if you speak your mind. But I'm doing it anyway."