The Lego Movie may be a comedy but Elizabeth Banks has said that her character in the film, Wildstyle, delivers one of the important messages in the film.

The actress plays the funky Wildstyle who is in a relationship with Batman and from a distance it looks like she has it all and is living the celebrity lifestyle.

"Wildstyle is actually an homage to '80s hip-hop and she's a little lost," Banks said, "She can't quite figure out her place in the world."

She added: "She wants to feel special, she's not quite sure she ever will, and that's one of the great messages of the movie - that you don't have to do anything great and huge to feel special.

"She's in a bad relationship, too. She's dating Batman in the movie, and he treats her like junk. He's totally narcissistic and as Oprah says, 'When you know better, you need to do better', and she figures that out in the movie."


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