Hollywood star Sandra Bullock missed the BAFTA Awards because her son was ill.

According to the New York Post, the 49-year-old, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in space survival thriller Gravity, had been due at London's Royal Opera House on Sunday but stayed at home to care for three-year-old Louis.

Meanwhile, Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron has revealed he bonded with Bullock over their respective marriage splits, and thinks their shared struggled helped get to to the "emotional core" of the movie.

The filmmaker - who picked up the Best Director BAFTA - told The Daily Beast: "When [Sandra and I] met for the first time, we didn't talk about space or technology or any of that. We just talked about adversity - and not even in the context of the film, but in the context of our lives. In an abstract way.

"We'd happened to be going through a process of adversities and we were trying to make sense out of them. It created a very interesting bond between the two of us, and a common understanding of what we were looking for."

Cuaron split from second wife Annalisa Bugliani in 2008 while Bullock filed for divorce from Jesse James in April 2010 following reports he had cheated on her.