Girls are queuing outside Dublin's O2 already in the hopes of meeting X Factor runner-up Nicholas McDonald and he can't believe the support.

The X Factor tour is in Dublin and after one sold-out show last night, Nicholas McDonald told RTÉ Ten that he'll be sad to bid our fair city goodbye after tonight's performance, "I'm really sad because the crowd has been crazy, and the support has been amazing so hopefully tonight's even louder."

From lunchtime a crowd of girls began to form at the Point Village and Nicholas hasn't gotten used to all the attention yet, "Everywhere we go everyone seems to find out our hotels and where we are, I'd love to go out and see them but it's not as easy as that, you feel bad, but it's like one o'clock in the afternoon and the show doesn't start until eight tonight, I never thought a year ago this would happen."

X Factor winner Sam Bailey is sure that the fans queuing up so early are for the young Scotsman and not for her, she explained to Ten, "They're not queuing for me, they're queuing up for Nicky and Luke [Friend]. I had people knocking on my door this morning going, 'Nicky, Nicky, I know you're in there', and I'm like, 'This isn't Nicky's room, go away!' They're all squeeling for him. Even on the show, I had a big fan-base but the ones that queue up outside, they're there for the boys mainly."

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