Nicholas Hoult's sister has said that Jennifer Lawrence fits in well with their family and the actress is very un-glam in real life.

The pair sparked rumours that they were back together after Hoult accompanied Lawrence to the Golden Globes and Hoult's 21-year-old sister Clarista told Heat magazine that she is a big fan of the American Hustle star.

Clarista commented, "Jen is lovely. She's really easy to talk to. She's really family orientated, so she fitted in well with us. She doesn't seem like a Hollywood type, she just mucked in. We're a very un-glam family. In our house if you want a drink, you get it yourself."

Lawrence is well known for her down-to-earth nature and a source said of the pair last month, "Of all the people she has around her, he's (Hoult) the only one who isn't a yes person. He's straight up with her. She needs someone like that, especially now that her life is a whirlwind of Hollywood madness."