Come & Get It singer Selena Gomez is rumoured to be dating One Direction's Niall Horan after the pair were spotted looking smitten together over the weekend in London.

A fan of the famous pair posted a snap of Horan and Gomez on Twitter.

Gomez, who split from Justin Bieber last year after two years of dating, previously spoke about how the media influences her love life, saying: "I'm a human and I feel those emotions of when people talk about you. It's never a good feeling ‘cause half the time it's just bull, it's not real.’

"In the real world I'll drive my car to the grocery store and buy myself some food. In the media world it's like, "Oohhh, I drive my car to go somewhere secretive." It gets too clouded so I just have good people around me. I'm very picky,’ she revealed.

"The hardest part (is) just trying to find someone that will just love the core person and not anything else around it."

Horan recently split with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin.