Oscar nominee Jared Leto has said that he doesn't find it hard to juggle his acting and music careers.

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman took a break from acting for six years before starring in the acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club and he told Faster Louder, "You could stick me in front of a pile of rubbish, and I'll make something out of it.

"It all comes from the same place, I'm a creative person, I find creative solutions to problems, and the difference is process."

He continued, "The process of making music is very intimate, because at least for me, and 30 Seconds to Mars, I write the songs, my brother plays the drums, and we have so much responsibility from the music to the production to the videos to the design to the marketing to the tours and the production of the tours...everything."

Leto explained the difference with acting, "When you're an actor you're responsible for the vertical within that collaborative effort. I think in some ways that can be a really good thing, because you can hyper-focus on your one task. But normally as a musician if you write your own songs, it'd be more akin to a director who also stars in his own movies and also writes and produces them as well."