The long-delayed film adaptation of Kill Your Friends, John Niven's scabrous satire on the UK music industry in the nineties, will begin shooting in March.

Niven, a Scottish A&R man turned writer, tweeted the news today (February 12).

Kill Your Friends follows the villainous Steven Stelfox, a fictional A&R man working for a major English record label during the height of the Britpop era.

The book was published in 2008 and won comparisons with American Psycho and Trainspotting, going on to become a bestseller.

Set in 1997, the novel satirises the hypocrisy and bloated indulgencies of the music industry and is particularly notable for a hilarious chapter in which Stelfox visits Dublin on a talent scouting trip.

Before becoming a writer, Niven worked for London Records and various independent labels in the nineties. He passed on signing Coldplay and Muse.

His fifth novel, Straight White Male, was published last year. Owen Harris (Black Mirror, Misfits, Skins) and Nicholas Hoult have been attached to Kll Your Friends as director and leading man.