Singer Pixie Lott makes her TV drama acting debut as a guest star in Inspector George Gently this Thursday, February 13, on BBC One at 8:30pm.

In the episode, Blue for Bluebird, the body of a young woman is washed up beside a pier and Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) travel to the holiday camp where she worked to question the staff and guests. Here, Lott talks about working on the period crime drama.

What character do you play?
I'm playing Megan Webb. She is one of the Bluebirds at the holiday camp. She has left her home, which was a strict environment to pursue her singing and dancing ambitions there.

This is my TV drama debut. It has been really fun. I've learnt so much about how it all works, and a lot from the other actors and actresses in the cast. I had no idea how much detail goes into everything. Hopefully I will take everything I have learnt here into my next job.

So, you've watched the show before...
I think the show is really great. I enjoyed doing the research. The first episode I saw was The Lost Child last series, which had Helen Baxendale in it, which really impressed me as she plays Emily in Friends - and I am a huge Friends fan. She was doing something completely different to what I had seen her in before - in Inspector George Gently she was playing a very gritty character and I thought I absolutely wanted to be involved.

Do you have an interest in the Sixties?
I have a massive interest in the Sixties which is what predominantly drew me to the part. Being set in the Sixties, the makeup, the hair and costume, props all looks so cool. I love the music from the Sixties which has inspired my next album, including costume. It's been great to sing a song which was made in the Sixties and all the dance moves were so fun to do.

What have you enjoyed best during filming?
I've enjoyed seeing how it all works, meeting all the crew. Seeing how much goes into everything, all the props… it looks exactly how you imagine the Sixties looked.

You went to holiday camps when you were young?
Yes I did. I went to a holiday camp when I was really young called Hoburne Holiday Park. I remember loving it, meeting all the other kids, making lots of friends. I even entered the talent competition and had my outfit already - which was a jumpsuit, top hat and cane. I was tap dancing to Cheek to Cheek from the movie Top Hat. I did win (but was only up against a few other people) - it was good fun!

Do you remember the Blue Coats at the camp?
I remember they did have blue coats. We went to one in Devon, when I was three and the other one in Highcliffe, Dorset when I was a bit older. I know they still have them going - they'll probably find it funny when they find out I'm now playing a Blue Coat.