Kylie Minogue and Enrique Iglesias do not know when their single, Beautiful, will be released as their records labels, Universal Republic and Parlophone, are locked in a bitter battle over the date.

38-year-old Enrique told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''I'm hoping the duet will be released as the next single but I know there's been a few problems between the record companies because she is on a different label.

''It's all politics. There was a moment when the record companies were fighting back and forth, but in the end Kylie and I spoke and we will make it happen.''

Enrique added: ''I'm a huge fan of Kylie. She's so sweet and she's been going for a long time but is as sexy as ever''

The star's new single I'm A Freak, featuring Pitbull, is out on March 16, while Kylie, releases her single, Into The Blue, on March 9.