Taylor Swift found singing with Prince William and Bon Jovi surreal and would take to the stage with the royal again in a heartbeat.

The trio took to the stage at a Charity Gala to perform a version of Bon Jovi's hit Livin' On A Prayer and Swift told the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine that it was Prince William's idea.

Swift explained, "Prince William looked at me and said, 'I'll do it if you do it, too' and then he took my hand. I was surprised and flattered and it felt surreal and natural at the same time.

"We jumped on the stage and started to sing and then we were really yelling into the microphone and clapping hands. I still can't believe I've sung with Prince William."

On the heir to the throne's voice she commented, "Even through all that I could hear his voice and it's pretty good. A nice tone. I'd definitely say he has got star quality. If he ever wants me to sing with him again I'll be there. It was a night I will remember 'til I'm very, very old. The whole evening was completely wondrous."