Les Dennis has said he is “overwhelmed” at being cast in his favourite TV show, Coronation Street.

It was revealed last week that Dennis would take on the role of petty criminal Michael Rogers on the show later this year. He started filming this week.

Speaking on The Alan Titchmarsh Show he said "It's just beyond my wildest dreams. It's a fantastic show - I love it. Yesterday I did my first scene on the street and was literally running up and down the cobbles.

"I come in as a burglar who gets embroiled in the lives of one of the families on the street. Michael Rogers, although yesterday he was just 'Intruder', burgles this house. So I was running up and down the cobbles, had to jump in my van outside The Rovers and then speed off past Roy's Rolls. It's amazing.

"Then I finished the scene and had to jump into my own car and drive all the way to Brighton to appear in The Perfect Murder, the play that I'm doing on tour right now. They say 'feast or famine' with our business and at the moment it's mad busy."