RTÉ Today presenter, Maura Derrane has announced that she is expecting her first child saying that she and husband TD John Deasy are very "...happy, it's great news".

A few months ago Derrane was on the Tubridy on 2fm show and said that she was not interested in having children, at that moment and time but this morning Ryan rang the presenter to congratulate her.

He joked: "Well you're the dark horse, aren't you?!"

The 43-year-old responded: "I'm a bit of a secret noodle, I have to admit.

"It was probably the best thing I ever did was say to you 'No, no babies' because people stopped asking me.

"To be honest, I was just so sick of the usual 'Aww when are you going to have a baby. It was just like enough already!

"I never said never, it's the right time in life, different times for everyone, just perfect for us.

"I'm nearly five months and I've managed to hide it until now. I've been really lucky in that I haven't really shown much. I think people at work just thought I'd had a few mince pies too many over Christmas!"

She finished by saying: "I'm happy so it's great news."

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