Una Foden has revealed that while she would like to have a sibling for her daughter, it won't be in the near future.

Speaking to OK! Magazine the Tipperary native said that she "definitely" wants more children with her husband Ben Foden, but insists it won't be any time soon. 

She said: ''I definitely want more children. It will be nice for Aoife to have a little brother or sister. One day we'll definitely have more, but I'm not thinking about it yet.

''I'm so happy with Aoife right now that I'm not thinking about having another just yet''

The 32-year-old popstar admitted that she was very "nervous" when Aoife came along at first and that she relied on the help of Michelle Heaton, whose daughter Faith is two months older than Aoife.

She said: "I think a lot of new mothers - myself included - get a bit nervous that they're doing everything wrong. We worry we don't have a clue because it's all new to us.

''Michelle was so great when I had Aoife. She gave me loads of advice. I was constantly texting her saying, 'The baby's doing this, what should I do?' She was really supportive.''