Anger Management star Charlie Sheen has admitted to staging a car crash to pull out of The Tonight Show.

The 48-year-old former Two and a Half Men actor explains that he found reasons to bow out of his guest appearances on the talk show and even went as far as arranging a minor accident, from which he sent a photo to the studio as evidence.

Speaking on the NBC programme on Wednesday (20.01.14), host Jay Leno asked Charlie: ''What was the car one [excuse]?''

He replied: ''I just couldn't come man, I'm so sorry.''

Jay said: ''This is what I get... It was four o'clock, five o'clock. Not only could you not come but your limousine had come off the freeway.''

Charlie chimed: ''I told Dylan my driver to actually go into a skid... so there would be tyre tracks on the road and then put the thing into the ditch and this is pre-texting so I think we sent you a photo somehow.''

Jay also addressed a particular time when Charlie pulled out of The Tonight Show citing his wisdom teeth as the reason for his no-show.

Jay quipped: ''I remember you were having your wisdom teeth pulled at the same time.''

Charlie added: ''Yeah, in the car, I'm that good... There was always wisdom teeth problems.''

Leno added: ''You had your wisdom teeth pulled four times - that was the funny part ... Everyone would go, 'That happened last time.' ''

Charlie replied: ''I had 16 wisdom teeth.''