Operation Transformation’s personal trainer Karl Henry is a well known face in many Irish homes but this week a new fitness guy is joining the team.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Alan Quin revealed what he brings to the team saying: "My role on Operation Transformation is that of challenge coach. Each week I devise a program based on Karl's exercises and integrate them in to a physical activity session. This part of the show goes out from Wednesday 22 January.

"I am a Strength and Conditioning coach as well as a personal trainer, who has worked with International sports men and women.

"I stress the importance of functional fitness, educating the leaders on correct form, stressing quality over quantity and gradual progression.

"I preach the importance of doing a little bit every day and always progressing and reviewing, adapting, overcoming and reassessing. That is the role of a proper conditioning coach."

He told us how he was signed up saying: "I was head hunted for the role due to my vast experience, education, knowledge and being very rounded and handsome obviously played a part, personality and the common touch! I love people and helping them improve themselves, your health is the most important thing!"

He added: "I am in instead of the army to educate, encourage, empower and lead the leaders correctly in achieving manageable fitness goals over a period of time. I am the examiner making sure they have done their homework every week so my role is very important.

Quin shares what he thinks are our three biggest fitness mistakes: "Too much too soon, poor technique, and faddy diets. Get a proper certified coach, get your nutrition sorted and do something every day, never use an elevator unless carrying heavy goods!"

His top tips:
1. Get a proper certified coach, get fitness tested and get a specific program for you not a generic one from a health mag, hotel gym or friend. We are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses.
2. Eat a big breakfast, porridge, berries, free range eggs, pref corn fed, one pint of cold water with slice of lemon, shot of wheat grass and/or herbal tea, get your nutrition sorted. Preparation is key.
3. Sugar, cut down daily by reducing intake and cut down on processed foods, try get natural sugars from food instead.
4.  Keep a training and nutrition diary, do something that gets your heart rate up every day -  walking, cycling, gardening, vigorous housework!! You don't have to be in a gym to get physically active!
5. Never use an elevator unless carrying heavy goods!
6.  Listen to your body and rest when your tired, get enough sleep, eight hours is recommended and top up when you can at weekends and holidays, power naps are great also.
7. Take a holiday in winter, it's cheap and great for the immune system, a great Vitamin B boost. I organise fitness trips to Lanzarote for high powered and  stressed business people from November to March.
8. No Phone or laptop after 6pm, they interfere with the brain and hinder restful sleep. Do not sleep beside your phone! Buy a good alarm clock.

Find out more information on alanquinfitness.com

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