The Other Side singer Jason Derulo has offered to write a song for former JLS star, Aston Merrygold, to help him launch his solo career after splitting from his band last year.

The 24-year-old Talk Dirty singer, real name Jason Desrouleaux, insisted that he would love to help Aston kick-start his career.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Jason said: ''Aston will have to be fully committed to his solo career. I never had to come from a boyband so I've never had anyone to lean on. I'd suspect when you don't have the support of your brothers any more, it's all on you.

''I think JLS could have carried on that nice little reign they had.

''I was shocked to hear their record sales had gone down.

''They're all talented guys but it depends on you and where your heart is if you want to pursue a solo career.

''I would give Aston a song if he asked.''

Derulo, who has teamed-up with Pitbull on his new album Tattoos, explains how their friendship came about, saying: ''Before I got my record deal, when I was about 15, I had this song called Hush Bubbling around Miami.

''I asked one of my DJ friends who knew Pitbull if he would get on it - and he did.

''We're from the same place but he was massive at that point.

''We've always stayed in touch and to get him on this album is really cool.

''I wrote a song with him called My Life on one of his albums.''