Roy Keane and Man Booker Prize-winner Roddy Doyle are joining forces to write the football legend's new memoir, The Second Half.

The book, due from Orion Publishing in the autumn, will mix "memoir and motivational writing in a manner which both disquiets and reassures in Roy Keane's own original voice".

"I am very happy to be working with Roddy Doyle on this book, and look forward to the experience," said Keane.

Doyle said: "Ten years ago I was buying something in a shop in New York and I handed my credit card to the young African man behind the counter. He read 'Bank of Ireland' on the card, looked at me and said, 'Ireland - Roy Keane'. I'm delighted to be writing this book with Roy."

Alan Samson, Publisher Non-Fiction at Orion Publishing Group, said: "I believe The Second Half will become a benchmark for sports autobiography. The combination of an outstanding player - and leader - like Roy with a writer of Roddy's extraordinary gifts should result in one of the books of the year."