The Late Late Toy Show retained its top spot with an average audience of 1,547,000 viewers making it not only the most popular programme of 2013, but one of the most watched The Late Late Toy Shows ever.

Taking the second spot was RTÉ One’s home produced Irish drama Love/Hate with almost  1,117,000 viewers tuning in to the season finale to see Glen shooting Wayne, Fran suffocating Andrew the dentist and Tommy collapsing outside a warehouse as Nidge and the gang awaited their drug shipment’s arrival.

Also making it past the million mark was Mrs Brown’s Boys, with 1,030,000 viewers watching the season finale in February to watch the wedding preparations for Rory and Dino, making it the third most watched programme of the year while in fifth place the Mrs Brown’s Boys Buckin’ Mammy Christmas Special which attracted 913,000 viewers.
RTÉ Two’s coverage of national games and national teams in action continued to be a winner with Irish audiences, securing five of the Top 20 programmes of the year. In the third spot, 1,064,000 viewers tuned in to see Dublin beat Mayo by one point in The Sunday Game Live All Ireland Senior Football Final

Coverage of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final (Clare v Cork) was in sixth place with over 889,000 viewers, while the subsequent replay on The Saturday Game Live was at number nineteen with 638,000 viewers. 

 RTÉ Two’s coverage of RBS 6 Nations Rugby (Ireland v England) came in at number 11, with over 719,000 viewers tuning in. The World Cup 2014 Qualifier (Ireland v Austria) was in twentieth place with just under 630,000 people watching Ireland draw with Austria.

Here's the Top 20 in full:

1: The Late Late Toy Show (29-11-2013) 1,547,400
2: Love/Hate (10-11-2013) 1,116,800
3: The Sunday Game Live: All Ireland Senior Football Final (22-09-2013) 1,064,200
4: Mrs Brown's Boys (02-02-2013) 1,029,700
5: Mrs Brown's Boys - Buckin' Mammy (Christmas Special) (25-12-2013) 913,100
6: The Sunday Game Live: All Ireland Senior Hurling Final (08-09-2013) 889,400
7: Eurovision Song Contest (18-05-2013) 809,500
8: RTÉ News: Nine O'Clock (20-01-2013) 763,800
9: The Voice of Ireland (20-01-2013) 759,700
10: RTÉ News: Six One (13-03-2013) 724,100
11: RBS 6 Nations Rugby (Ireland v England) (10-02-2013) 719,400
12: Operation Transformation (27-02-2013) 691,500
13: Fair City (02-01-2013) 691,300
14: Raw (10-02-2013) 689,800
15: The Late Late Show (25-01-2013) 685,300
16: The Rose of Tralee (20-08-2013) 669,700
17: Coronation Street (18-03-2013) 667,100
18: At Your Service (20-01-2013) 651,500
19: The Saturday Game Live (All Ireland Hurling Final replay) (28-09-2013) 638,200
20: World Cup 2014 Qualifier (26-03-2013) 629,900