She may be one of the biggest movie stars on the planet - but Julia Roberts has no interest in social media and Twitter in particular.

In an interview to promote her new movie August: Osage County, she said:  "I haven't chosen to not be a part of it, I kind of just don't get it."

She added that she doesn't have a Twitter account. "Who am I talking to?" Roberts asked. "See that's the thing I don't get. It's like screaming into the wind . . . there's a directness that I miss in the idea of the Internet or Twitter. There's a lack of human connection to all of it that doesn't appeal to me."

However, she says she would never knock anyone involved in social media. "I know that it makes people feel connected and it brings people together and does all these awesome things - but me, I like to look at somebody or just have a more tangible connection; that's what I, as a person, am invested in."