Former supermodel, actress, TV producer and presenter Tyra Banks has slammed what she calls "the fat talk habit".

Speaking on The Tubridy Show on 2fm this morning, Banks explained this newly labelled trend: "Fat Talk is when women put themselves down, when they look in the mirror and say 'I'm fat, I'm disgusting, my thighs are these huge thunderous things'.

"Sometimes they do it to their loved ones, their romantic partner, sometimes in front of their daughters, sometimes they do it with friends and it's a negative thing.

"It doesn't help women manage their weight, when women participate in this 'Fat Talk', the more they do it, the less likely they are to get the healthy body that they want.

"The things that women say about themselves, they would never say to another woman because it would be considered mean and disgusting and hateful. Yet women say it to themselves.

"I've partnered with Special K to fight 'Fat Talk' and to put a positive attitude to manage weight so women feel better about themselves and find the beauty inside themselves as opposed to this negative, damaging conversation."

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