Sylvester Stallone says that the success of Rocky made him "insufferable" and also made him think he was "an authority on everything".

Speaking to chatshow host Jonathan Ross during an on-stage interview at the London Palladium ladt night (January 11), 67-year-old Stallone said: "I abused power badly. I read some of the interviews I gave now and wish I could go back and punch myself in the face."

However, he admitted that the flop of one of his later films gave him a much-needed reality check. Stallone told Ross that he left the set of Rocky II to attend a first-day screening of 1978 drama Paradise Alley, only to find there were just two people in the audience.

"And one of them was asleep," he said, adding that it had been "a humbling experience" but "a good thing" for him in the long run.

Stallone, currently starring with Robert De Niro in boxing comedy Grudge Match, also revealed that he had been offered up to $300,000 - "a million dollars today" - to let Rocky be made with another lead.

The actor told Ross it had been a "crossroads moment" in his life, but that he knew he would have "hated" himself had he not stuck to his boxing gloves and played rags-to-ring riches pugilist Rocky Balboa himself.