The stars of The Wolf Of Wall Street walked the red carpet in London last night for a UK premiere of the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie attended the screening in Leicester Square of the Martin Scorsese film.

DiCaprio plays New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort in the film which tells the true story of his rise in the business world followed by his dramatic fall as his crimes are found out.

He said of the film which has attracted criticism from some for glamorising the lifestyle "The truth is that Jordan Belfort wrote this as a cautionary tale - he's a much different person right now.

"Since then, he's done seminars and lectures to groups about how you can take the wrong path in Wall Street.

"What I appreciated about him and my communication with him was, he was very honest and forthright about what he did wrong and most of the time his intentions were even worse."

He continued to the Press Association "So when you're dealing with someone who's that forthright, it makes for a more honest portrayal of this world and these people."

Robbie who played Belfort’s now ex-wife in the film said of working with DiCaprio “It was really wonderful to work with someone so experienced, he was always so lovely.”

The Wolf Of Wall Street opens in Ireland on Friday, January 17th.