Alice Eve struggled to avoid asking her Cold Comes The Night co-star Bryan Cranston about the Breaking Bad finale while they were filming.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actress filmed with Cranston before he had shot the Breaking Bad finale and found it difficult to remain professional.  

She told, "Bryan is a consummate professional and a very generous actor, so it was a great experience for me to work with him.

"I didn't want to push him on the old Walter White stuff. I felt like I was probably in the long line of people that just wanted to stand next to him and ask him what was gonna happen in the final season that he was going on to shoot after we wrapped.

She added, "I decided that if we were gonna have a good working experience together and if he was gonna give me any respect whatsoever, I should probably keep my mouth shut about nagging him about Walter White. So I decided not to ask. It was difficult."