A village in the UK, Kings Langley, is going to be temporarily renamed to coincide with the launch of the Game of Thrones DVD next month.

Ahead of the DVD release on February 18, Kings Langley will be renamed Kings Landing for a week.

The Radio Times reported: "A producer for the hit HBO show heard the town listed as a stop while waiting for a train at London's Euston station and was inspired to instigate the name change."

The big news for Game of Thrones fans of course is the launch of the fourth season of the series and writer George RR Martin revealed: "We have another royal wedding, this one is not red; this one is a different colour.

"We have the introduction of some great new characters. We finally introduce one of the most popular characters from the books: Prince Oberon Martell.

"The Red Viper of Dorne will be introduced for the first time and there will be some other new characters that I think the fans will like."