The Voice of Ireland coach has revealed he thought he was going to die when his recent flight from Lanzarote to Cork was struck by stormy weather.

Speaking to 2fm's Colm Hayes this afternoon, the 33-year-old Mullingar native explained that the flight ended up being diverted to Shannon because the weather was so bad.

"When we were coming into land and we saw all the fire brigades and ambulances on the runway ahead, I thought ‘right, that’s it, I’m going to die in Cork. We were then diverted to Shannon.

“The plane was being thrown around and when we got to Shannon it was closed so we were on the plane for about another hour and a half.

“In fairness, it was very handled very well by Aer Lingus, I must say we managed to get the buses quickly back to Cork too.”

Bressie also chatted to Colm about new Voice coach Dolores O'Riordan declaring he won't want to get on her bad side.

"I’m petrified of her. She points her two fingers at you when she’s talking to you and it’s like she’s your principal at school.

“I actually love the woman. She’s a massive addition to the show.”