Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence are the best-value actors in Hollywood according to a new Forbes list.

To compile the list of "Best Actors for the Buck" Forbes took into consideration the average amount of money each actor commands per film along with the box-office data and DVD sales of those films.

The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone was found to be the best value for money earning $80.70 for every dollar she was paid.

Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence came in second and third on the list earning $68.70 and $68.60 in the box office for every dollar they were paid respectively.

The Forbes Top 10 Best Actors for the Buck are as follows:

1. Emma Stone $80.70
2. Mila Kunis $68.70
3. Jennifer Lawrence $68.60
4. Natalie Portman $31.30
5. Dwayne Johnson $31.10
6. Daniel Craig $25.60
7. Russell Crowe $25.60
8. Kristen Stewart $25
9. Robert Pattinson $23.50
10. Taylor Lautner $21.40