Love/Hate actress Aoibhinn McGinnity is making her radio play debut in the new play Weighing In on RTÉ Radio 1.

The play is set in a diet clinic in Clones, County Monaghan and centres on two characters Val, played by Fair City actress Helen Norton and Breda, played by McGinnity.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, McGinnity said that she was excited about making her radio play debut: "This is a challenge for me, it's my first proper part in a radio play so I'm delighted for a start...

"And then to do my own accent and get to play around with different vowels and a different voice, to have the whole emphasis on your voice, that's good for you as an actor to do that. It's my first go at it properly so it's a brilliant opportunity."

McGinnity is best known for her role Mrs Nidge, Trish in the RTÉ crime drama Love/Hate and plays such a convincing Dub that many people are surprised to learn that she's from Monaghan and this time around she gets to speak in her own voice.

"That's lovely because I'm relieved that most people think I'm from Dublin but it's nice to do something in your own accent", she added.

"It's nice to not concentrate on the accent so I'll probably sound a little more natural."

Listen to Weighing In on RTÉ Radio 1 this Sunday, January 5, at 8pm.

She told us more about her new role as Breda: "She idolises Val, this new South County Dublin woman that appears in the rural part of Monaghan and brings all this glamour that blows her mind.

"So there's this lovely relationship but there's a lot of status and it kind of shifts at the end, which is interesting.

"There is a bit of humour in there and extreme measures of dieting, it's just used to tell the story because most women can relate to it. In the end it kind of flips and shows the sad side of too much dieting or focusing on the wrong thing might bring to your life."

She thinks that the play is going to appeal to both men and women: "Men are probably going to see the funny side alone and go 'Oh God yeah, my woman does that as well' but women are going to like it because they're going to hear it and they're going to go 'Oh yeah, of course dieting mean you're going to be happy...I mean everyone knows that deep down' but you have to be reminded of it because we live in a world where it's just bananas and I think it's getting worse that pressure on women and men."

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