Mrs Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll is reported to have refused to cut swearing from the show for the US market.

The Irish comedy has already been a massive hit both here and in the UK and is drawing a lot of interest from a number of American channels.

But cast member Rory Cowan told the Irish Mirror that O'Carroll has refused for the show to be edited in any way, despite US networks' strict rules on the use of foul language.

Cowan - who stars as Rory Brown on the show and also works as O'Carroll's manager - said: "The problem with us in the US is because there is swearing in it - there cannot be swearing in any TV shows on any network channel.

"By law if there is any swearing it has got to be beeped - and not just change the words. Brendan won't agree to that at all.

"Brendan would stick to his guns. He would rather not change anything."

Cowan added that HBO, PBS and streaming service Netflix have all expressed an interest in airing the programme in the US, while many American soldiers are already fans.

He said: "I know all the US army bases get the DVDs - I don't know where they get them. We are getting fan mail from all the army bases all over America. And they get them free - they're being sent from somewhere.

"Brendan is talking to HBO and PBS about doing it in America and they do want it as it is - swearing and all. Brendan is also talking to Netflix and that's how they will get around that."