On Friday's Late Late Show on RTÉ One, Mrs Brown's Boys creator and star Brendan O'Carroll told host Ryan Tubridy that his musical collaboration with The Script for next summer's movie version of the hit comedy has yielded a "cracking" opening number.

O'Carroll said of the movie's opening sequence: "I wanted to open the movie with a song and dance, with a big dance routine, like Oliver!, but set in the markets in Moore Street with Mrs Brown coming out of her house with her pram and all the women joining her with prams."

He continued: "So I know the lads from The Script really well. Glen [Power], who's their drummer – one of his first gigs was drumming with me when we had the Outrageous Comedy Show. And he's a good guy and the lads are really, really good guys. And huge – I don't think even people at home understand how big they are in America. They are massive in America; they're just a huge band. And great guys."

However, despite their friendship, O'Carroll was initially reluctant to ask the band to become involved in the film, explaining: "Because you know them... I wanted them to do a number for the show [film], but I didn't want to ask. Because I didn't want them to go, 'We better do something for this baldy ******'!'"

He continued: "So, as it turned out, Mark [Sheehan, The Script's guitarist] - his mother was a dealer in Moore Street. So was his nan. So we said, 'Listen, I want to do this as a tribute to them'.

"So we wrote a song called Hail, Rail or Sunshine. And it's the opening song in the movie. I swear to God: that opening song alone is worth your nine quid. It's just cracking. And I happen to do a dance in it."

Asked by host Tubridy if he was a good dancer, O'Carroll replied: "I'm brutal, but they make me look good."

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