Republic of Telly fall guy Bernard O'Shea kicks off his new comedy dating show, My Best Shot, on RTÉ tonight.

O'Shea presents the show in which singles judge each other's awkward family photos in an attempt to find a partner.

Four girls and four guys have to rely on family photos to evaluate a potential date. They guys and girls confer before pressing their touchscreen and eliminating a potential partner.

Once they've been heartlessly snubbed, contestants get their chance for sweet revenge when they reveal their "Best Shot" - a sexy portrait of themselves taken by photographer David Cantwell.

In the end, just one guy and girl get to meet, but will romance play out between the pair?

Hopeless romantic (and we do mean hopeless) O’Shea says: "My Best Shot is to dating shows what David Hasselhoff is to acting: it’s loud, ridiculous, and great fun to watch."

Tune in tonight at 10.00pm on RTÉ Two to see the madness commence.