After the infamous love triangle in Lost, Evangeline Lilly had been promised that there would be no complicated love story in The Hobbit however things changed!

Lilly, who plays elf warrior Tauriel in the new movie, found herself caught between both elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and dwarf Kili (Aidan Turner) in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

She joked: "For the record, when I took this job, in 2011, I made one stipulation. That's it.

"I just said . . . I swear to God, I said, 'I will not do this film if you will not guarantee me one thing. You have to guarantee me there will be no love triangle'."

She added: "And there wasn't. For the whole time I shot. For a year of shooting there was no love triangle…

"And then, I came back for re-shoots in 2012 and they were like, 'Well, we made a couple of alterations to some scenes and we added a couple more scenes'.

"And all of a sudden, manifested a love triangle before my very eyes and the film was shot, and I'm in and there's no getting out and there was no escaping it."


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Lily also talked about whether Tauriel likes the dwarf or the elf. "Obviously the dwarf is a bit short and makes me feel like a giant woman, but in the words of [singer] Kimya Dawson, 'I love girl giants', because every girl feels too big sometimes regardless of their size".

"Legolas, he's a bit stuffy, I think. He's a little bit stuffy compared to Kili."