Quintessentially British band Blur have unveiled their new line in merchandise and it includes a limited edition bone china tea set as well as Blur-branded flat caps and tote bags.

Selling for a not exactly recession-busting £69.99 (€83.00), there are only 300 editions of Blur's Britannia tea set available.

The cups, saucers and teapot are all emblazoned with the Blur logo and a portrait of Britannia astride a roaring hippopotamus, a reference to an image first used on the cover of the band's debut single She's So High in 1990.

Blur's £35 (€42.00) wool blend cap boasts "a classic herringbone pattern, red lining and the band's classic old-school wordmark".

Lead singer Damon Albarn is due to release his first solo album in Spring and Blur are rumoured to be planning a new album too.