Watch! Katy Perry was forced to restart her performance at the NJR Music Awards after a technical glitch left her vocals out of sync with the music.

The cringe-worthy moment occurred at the awards ceremony which is held in Cannes on Saturday night.

As soon as the 29-year-old pop star hit the stage, it became obvious that what Katy was singing did not match the track that was being broadcast to the cheering crowd.

Her dancers were also performing moves that clearly did not match that part of the song.

In a video released via, after 52 awkward seconds, you can see a man charging onto the stage, gesturing for Katy to stop dancing and then for the music to be cut.

He said: "If you don’t mind, we can restart. We had a little problem with the sound. I’m sorry to stop all your energy - I prefer you to be the best."

Katy agreed to restart the track again, rushing off the stage with her dancers before giving a second energetic performance, during which she clearly sang live, without the backing track.

The organisers of the show have released a statement claiming a "bad soundtrack" disrupted Katy's performance.

They explained: "Katy Perry sang live during the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes on Saturday night, but unfortunately a bad soundtrack was accidentally launched, taking over the live performance of Katy at the beginning of the delivery tube of the Roar."

"TF1 and NRJ present their apologies to Katy Perry . . . for this technical problem beyond our control."

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